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About Us

About Us

The brandname Secmaer became a standard for custom made high quality energy saving solutions. We give our customers a solution for gardens, houses, shops and offices to size.

Less energy consumption is a concern for everyone. Not because it is a hype but beause it is a way of saving costs and safegardingthe environment. Contributing
on saving energy doesn’t need big investments and will not influence the quality of live if it is done in the right way.

A first easy step is to replace all illuminating equipment with LED devices.

Secmaer has is own R&D team and will continuously work towards the renewal of its products.

Are you looking for the right product or solution for your project? We can help you with any question of service. Even if you are interested in our products but have no experience with installing it or if you have other technical questions, our specialists are happy to assist you.

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