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Qimatec Gypsum light

Qimatec Gypsum Solutions offer unique fully integrated illumination Solutions for high end customers that require that last touch of perfection to make their building or renovation prjects a success.
We offer complete Solutions with durable light sources or can also provide only the armatures that match with any standard light source.
Qimatec Gypsum products are fully inegrated in standard plaster boards and offer a complete seamless solution wich can be painted and/or finished in the same color as your wall or ceiling.
On top of the easy application and the nice design Qimatec Gysum Products are also environmental friendly products and 100 % natural .






Qimatec Gypsum Lights can help Architecs and interior designer to realise their creative creations.
The seamless well finished armatures give a very trendy modern and expensive impression.
For special personalized projects Qimatec can produce products in according the design made by the customers. So you can create your fully unique product.
All our products are delivered with very clear application instructions
Aa dedicated professional technical Team can help you out with all sort of questions concerning the use and application of our products.


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